John 20:1-10:Hot pursuit.(please click for todays passage)

This picture of John (we believe) and Peter, is full of realism. It’s true to what we know of the pair. The younger man eventually outran the older, but how typical of Peter to dive right into the tomb without hesitation. As someone said, there was no ”Shall-we-shan’t we?” No hesitation or deviation. Don’t you just love impulsive Peter?

I was thinking, when you get a sniff of a Biblical truth; a truth about Jesus that you maybe haven’t seen before (or not seen with clarity), you should go after it with all your might. Pursue it. Chase it down. Examine the evidence. Once you are fully convinced in your own mind, let it change your life, and share it with the world. Run after it; and then when you’ve caught it (or more to the point, it has captured you), run with it.

I have just finished reading ‘Wingspread’ – A.W. Tozer’s beautifully written biography of A.B. Simpson, the charismatic founder of the ‘Christian and Missionary Alliance’. While he was still a relatively young man Albert Simpson became very ill, and the medical prognosis was that he wouldn’t live very long. Then he came into contact with teaching about ‘divine healing’. Once he became sure of this for himself, not only did he experience a remarkable healing. From that point onwards it became a significant emphasis in his ministry and that of the movement he initiated.

When John looked into the grave he saw an orderly scene. If grave robbers had called, they would have ripped off the bandages and left them strewn about the place, or they would have taken body, grave clothes and all. But what John saw suggested the body of Jesus had just passed through the clothes (and,presumably, out through the walls). It’s been said that they looked something like a collapsed balloon when all the air has gone out

It was still dusky (1) maybe, but daylight was beginning to dawn for Jesus’ disciples. For John it was a ”bit like falling in love; a bit like sunrise; a bit like the sound of rain at the end of a long drought…the world had turned a corner,out of its long winter and into spring at last.” Tom Wright: ‘John for everyone, part 2’, p.142.