John 5:30-38: Prove it!(please click for todays passage)

John 5:16-46 is a theologically BIG section of the New Testament. It’s clear message is that’s Jesus is God. He is equal with God, and He is God.

But how do we know the claim is true? How can it be proved?

Jesus, as it were, calls witnesses to the dock to testify on His behalf:

There is the Father Himself (32,37). At His baptism, His Father publicly owned Him as His ‘beloved Son’ (Matthew 3:17). 

There are the works the Father gave Christ to accomplish (36). These works include the healing, the raising, the judgment, as we have seen (16-29).

There is the testimony of John the Baptist (33-35). There may be in (35) the idea that John ‘burned up’. His witness to Jesus was costly. He was a martyr.

Tomorrow we will hear a fourth witness bringing evidence to the court room, I.e. God’s Word (37-47).

But I finish today’s thought with a musing of F.B. Meyer. He said that Jesus clung to God’s will as to a handrail all the way down the staircase to Calvary (30). As he writes, God’s will is goodwill.

Prayer: Lord show me your will and help me delight to do it.