Luke 24: 36-53: The end that is but a beginning.(please click here for todays passage)

Lord Jesus, please will you lift up your Hands over us. Bless us with your Holy Spirit that we may play our full part in the great company of witnesses to your resurrection. Make us your true worshippers, who have hearts ‘bursting with joy’ (52, The Message).

We pray for that worshipful joy that leaps over all obstacles; that rises above all fear:

  • The joy of your resurrection – of knowing that you are really alive from the dead;
  • The joy of revelation – of seeing your Hands and Feet, and knowing that you died for me;
  • The joy of understanding the Scriptures, and being able to see you everywhere in the Bible;
  • The joy of your peace;
  • The joy of trouble – free, undoubting minds;
  • The joy of the Holy Spirit’s fullness;
  • The joy of being your ambassadors in the world.


We pray for that unique challenges joy that magnetises others, and makes the church so attractive.

Fill us with ‘joy unspeakable and full of glory’.

For Jesus’ sake and fame. Amen.