Luke 24: 1-12: Remember and tell.(please click here for todays passage )

Here are two vital principles for living the Christian life. These two responsibilities will always be applicable to followers of Christ:

  1. Remember God’s Word (7, 8). In the recent past, Jesus had clearly, and repeatedly, spoken about His forthcoming rejection and resurrection. The confusion they experienced now was because they had forgotten – or failed to understand. It was the same for the apostles (11). They had been the recipients of Jesus’ words, but they did not remember. We need to ensure that we don’t settle for a casual and superficial relationship with Scripture. Learn to ‘hide’ God’s Word in your heart. Seek to abide in Christ and have His words abide in you.
  2. Tell others that Jesus is alive (9-12). And you may take heart that those who first heard the ladies’ Easter sermon were not impressed: ‘their words seemed to them like nonsense’ (11) – ‘thought they were making it all up’ (The Message). (It may be pertinent that In those days, women could not be witnesses in a law court. Their testimony was not regarded as being reliable. Yet Jesus called women to be the first witnesses of His resurrection.) There may well be the idea that the women ‘kept telling these things’ (The Message). Eventually there was a glimmer of light with Peter (12), but even though his heart was stirring into a response, it took time for him to understand. Those who first heard the women’s words pooh pooh’d the idea that Jesus was alive. But later on they preached it themselves. So don’t be disheartened by an initially negative response. It doesn’t have to be the final word.


Remember and tell!