Luke 23:50-56: A model disciple?(please click for todays passage)

How should we respond to Christ crucified? Perhaps Joseph of Arimathea shows the way. To some degree he is a model disciple:

He had courage: Joseph had the bravery to identify with Jesus at a time when it was no doubt tempting to maintain a low profile. The atmosphere must have felt full of danger and menace, but by Joseph lifted his head above the parapet;

He was prepared to sacrifice: Joseph gave his own prepared tomb to Jesus. We should not miss the loving generosity behind his action;

He demonstrated practicality: he used what he had to serve. Do we?

‘Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.’ 

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for dying in my place. May my whole life be a cross-shaped response to you and all you have done for me.