Luke 23:13-25: ‘…their shouts prevailed.'(please click here for todays passage)

Pilate heard the voice of conscience and the voice of reason. These voices told him that Jesus was an innocent Man. He did not deserve death. (Pilate’s repeated declarations of Jesus’ innocence should not be missed. Our Lord did not deserve to die.)

But there were louder voices demanding the attention of his ears. These were raging, ravenous, wolverine voices, clamouring for blood. They insisted that Jesus should die. These ‘shouts prevailed’ (23).

Day by day, we too hear the voice of reason and the voice of conscience. We hear the ‘still small voice’ and know what we should too. But there are louder voices. They demand a hearing. They are pushy and determined to have their way. Sadly, we do all too often choose Barabbas over Jesus. We don’t want His reign. At least, we don’t in certain tempting moments. We cast our vote with the inner crowd of passionate voices. We go with them.

But we do know which way we should go.

I can be as bad as Pilate. That is a shocking admission to have to make.

There is irony in the last statement: he ‘surrendered Jesus to their will’ (25).

But the truth is human will did not prevail.

‘Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him…’ Isaiah 53:10.

Prayer: Thank you so much Heavenly Father for sending your pure, innocent Son to die in my place, for my crimes against you. It takes my breath away to think that it ‘pleased’ you to ‘crush him’ for my sake. I praise you.