Luke 22:14-23: Remember.(please click for todays passage)

The gospels are not strict biographies as such. In them you find such a concentration on the events surrounding the death of Jesus. It’s estimated that between a quarter and a third of the contents deal with the last week of His life. Someone said that the gospels set off like express trains, but then the brakes are applied, until we gradually come to a halt at the foot of the cross. In a normal biography there is much more of a focus on the whole life, and not just the end of it.

When we want to remember someone we love, we usually keep a photo of them in a prominent place, showing how they appeared when they were alive and well. But Jesus wanted to be remembered in His death. He lived like His death was the most important part of His life.

His death was no accident: ‘The Son of Man will go as it has been decreed’ (22a).

It involved real suffering (15b).

It is ‘for you’ (19, 20)

It is instructive that even in the face of His impending death Jesus gave thanks (19). He blessed the Lord at all times, and His praise was always on our Lord’s lips.

Please note that the reality of Satan and his work in the world, in human beings, does not remove personal responsibility (22b).

One final thought: there is a place for self-examination to see if there is anything of the betrayer in me (23).