Luke 20:41-47: Just for show.(please click for todays passage)

It was now Jesus’ turn to ask a question (41-44). Humanly speaking, Jesus was from the line of David (Romans 1:3). In this sense He was David’s ‘Son’. But because He is God, He was also David’s ‘Lord’. Long before the second Person of the Godhead came to earth in the incarnation, and even though he didn’t have a full revelation of Jesus, David was nevertheless worshipping Him. He saw that the Messiah would be both human and divine. What a powerful (and dangerous) claim for Christ to make! ‘The central issue of life is what we believe about Jesus. Other spiritual questions are irrelevant unless we first decide to believe that Jesus is who he said he is.’ ‘The Life Application Bible’, p.1841.

It’s a sad thing when people have to be wary of church leaders. 

‘Though it sealed his doom, our Lord tore the veil from before these hypocrites, that his followers might be warned against these sunken rocks, Jude 12.’ F.B. Meyer: ‘Devotional Commentary’, p.449.

Bible teachers should have strong prayer lives, but not for show. Let us be serious in prayer, but not showy at prayer. If you sense, as a leader, that you are being drawn towards pride of position and prestige; to love of deference and prominence, take your self-life to the cross without delay and hammer home the nails into your deadly flesh. All of that junk needs crucifying before it kills you. Kill you it will (in one form or another) if you let such things have free rein.

Prayer: Help me to avoid play acting and showmanship. Lord you look on the heart. I pray that you will find purity of motive in me.