Luke 17:11-19: Thanks missing?!(please click here for todays passage)

Once again a Samaritan is the ‘hero’ in a Jesus story. The commentators tell us that Luke has a ‘universal’ emphasis. He sees Jesus as the Saviour of the whole world.

I wonder, who you might meet today as you are on your way? Are you ready to serve them and be a blessing in their lives? What seems like an accidental encounter may turn out to be a divine appointment.

These lepers were used to life at a distance (12). Leprosy isolated people. It separated them from the rest of society. It provides a picture of sin which alienates us from God, and from each other. To be cleansed of our sin ‘leprosy’ we have to get to a place of desperation where we call on Jesus to have mercy (13).

In (14) you see a great example of how faith works. They stepped out on the bare Word of Jesus, and it held them up. It kept them afloat. They found it was like concrete beneath them. He told them to do what a person would normally do when they believed they were cured (i.e. show themselves to the priest). But it was as these men were on their way that they received healing. The acting ‘as if it were so’ came first, you might say. They ‘stepped out in faith’. If you are unwell, and praying for healing, it is important to be sensitive to the Lord’s voice and do as He says.

In and through (15-19) there surely comes a call to be a thankful people. In ‘the Message’ you read that this one leper who returned to show appreciation was ‘…so grateful. He couldn’t thank him enough…’ Let’s make sure we follow his example. Live a life of thanksgiving and not of thanks missing.’ Regularly thank people, and above all thank God.

Prayer: Lord, you have blessed me far more than I deserve. I want to express how deeply grateful I am.