Luke 13: 22-30: Danger! God at work!!(please click for todays Bible passage)

Here are some clear and present dangers to avoid:

Don’t miss your purpose in life. Do you know what it is? Jesus was clear-minded about His aim. He was single-minded about heading for Jerusalem where, He knew, He would die in fulfillment of many prophecies. It was a costly assignment; not just risky, but deadly. However, He was focussed on doing what the Father had sent Him to do. He would not abort His mission when He saw the danger signals. He did not allow Himself to be diverted or deflected. How about you? Do you know the reason God put you on this planet, and are you moving towards fulfillment of the Divine plan for your life with laser-like Focus?

Don’t miss your opportunity! The day for entrance to Kingdom life will come to an end (25).You can live in close proximity to spiritual privileges and miss the boat. This would be the case for many of Jesus’ own race. They were in touching distance of the Kingdom, but did not enter (26).There are people who spend their lives in close contact with Christ’s church, but who miss out on the chance to know Him. They are in the pew week by week, yet live very far from Jesus. One day they will wish they were at the party after all.There will be ultimately the bitterest regret (28). I think of the words of Dorothy L. Sayers who said that the essence of Hell is ‘the truth discovered too late.’

Don’t miss the truth that although the door is ‘narrow’ (24) the welcome is wide (29, 30). While many Jews would not be found at the Kingdom table, lots of Gentiles would be there. The gospel of the Kingdom is good news for the whole world. Let’s spread the invitation far and wide (Matthew 28:16-20).