Luke 12:35-48: Get on with it!(please click here)

Many years ago I read some words in a book about the second coming of Jesus that went something like this:

‘Waiting for that momentous event is not a matter of sitting in our gardens in our deck chairs, scanning the horizon with our telescopes. No, it is a time for distinctive Christian action.’

That quote pretty much encapsulates the teaching in today’s passage. Do you know what Jesus has given you to do? Well get on with it! That is a primary way to be ready for His return. Faithfully do your job (41,42). Privilege brings responsibility, and the more light you have received , the more will be demanded of you (48). If The Lord has shown you much, what are you doing with that light? What will you do with the much He has shown you? As a Steve Green song says, ‘You want to, now will you?’ This simple, heart- searching song contains the thought that ‘The truth that burns inside you like a host of fiery coals,contains the power to liberate a thousand captive souls. But if the truth will ever set you free depends on you. You want to, now will you?’

What are you doing with all you’ve been given? Do you even want to do anything with it? Jesus is coming back to the world, and it’s time to get on with it.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, in best moments I want to live the truth you have revealed to me. But at times, I admit, I lack the will and desire to live up to what I know. Please forgive me; fill me with your fire, and help me to behave as one who will be held accountable at the last.