Luke 12:8-12: Going public.(please click here for todays passage)

I was chatting recently with my colleague Phil, about how many Christians today seem to be suffering from a loss of nerve when it comes to speaking about Jesus. I wonder, what would happen if believers across the UK came out of hiding; stopped wearing camouflage. There are people out there who are attracted by Jesus, and would like to have a conversation about Him. David Watson, a famous evangelist in his day, once observed that the problem with many Christians in the west is that we are like the great Canadian rivers in winter – we get frozen at the mouth!

It strikes me that acknowledging Jesus before men needn’t take a lot of words, but it is about publicly identifying yourself with Christ. The psychiatrist and author, John White, said that fundamentally witness is about honesty: ‘This is who I am. I am a Christian.’ I want to be able to say, and mean it, ‘I am not ashamed’, and demonstrate it by stepping out from behind all my hiding places.

If you go public with your faith you need to take on board verse 4, because it is still a dangerous thing to identify with the crucified Jesus (John 15:18-20). The previous paragraph flows into this one. Let’s be sure of God’s Sovereignty and Fatherly care and concern. Sparrows do fall to the ground, but never behind God’s back (Matthew 10:29).

By the way, don’t be tempted to use this passage as an excuse for a lack of preparation to preach (11,12). Jesus was giving a very specific word about a very definite set of circumstances which had to do with arrest and trial. As a great preacher once said, ‘We can’t pull the wool over people’s eyes. They know when we haven’t prepared.’

Prayer: O Lord, I’m with the psalmist on this one, please open my lips that my mouth may speak forth your praise (Psalm 51:15).