Luke 4:31-44: The ‘Unseen Guest’.

‘’Christ is a guest that will pay well for his entertainment; those that bid him welcome into their hearts and houses shall be no losers by him; he comes with healing.’’ Matthew Henry.

Is Christ the ‘Unseen Guest’ at your Christmas table today? Have you invited Him into your home on His ‘birthday’? Will He remain as a special ‘guest’ under your roof all year, and not just on Christmas day? You will be blessed indeed if He is at home in your home.

Here are some other thoughts from this lovely passage:

  • The people recognised a difference about Jesus compared to their regular teachers (32). ‘’…for his words had the ring of authority’’ B. Phillips translation. Demons are mentioned 23 times in Luke, but 14 of those references occur between here and (9:50) in Jesus’ Galilean ministry. Christ came into the world to conquer all evil (1 John 3:8b). That is something to celebrate this Christmas day (see also 41. Matthew Henry says about this verse: ‘’It was a confession upon the rack, and therefore was not admitted in evidence.’’);
  • Like Simon’s mother-in-law we are ‘saved to serve’ (38, 39). See how Jesus responds to prayer: ‘’…they asked Jesus to help her. So…’’ Here is something to celebrate this Christmas day: we have a prayer-answering Omnipotent Lord Jesus;
  • The personal touch of Jesus (40): ‘’…and he laid his hands on each one of them separately and healed them.’’ B. Phillips. See the time He took over individuals; the care He gave them. In the mass He did not lose sight of the individual; in the crowd He still saw the man and woman, the boy and girl. Here is something to celebrate this Christmas day: Jesus loves us personally and deeply;
  • The vital importance of ‘solitary refinement’, as someone put it. There were no imperfections to be removed from Jesus, but if He saw the need for times of withdrawal for fellowship with God, surely we should. However, there is a balance to be observed. If we withdraw briefly from the world, it is only that we might return to it with renewed strength and vigour. ‘Though a desert place may be a convenient retreat, yet it is not a convenient residence, because we were not sent into the world to live to ourselves…but to glorify God and do good in our generation. A desert is no desert if we be with Christ there.’’ Matthew Henry. Here is something to celebrate this Christmas day: the great example of Jesus as a Man of prayer;
  • The gospel imperative (42-44). The good news must be spread; it has to be shared. On this festive day, let’s not keep the great cause for our celebration to ourselves; let’s stay focussed on Jesus. Here is something to celebrate this Christmas day: there is a cure for sin, and it is found in the Saviour Jesus

‘’In the rush to take and experience what Jesus has to offer, people can easily forget the One all the miracles point to.’’ IVP Commentary.

Let’s keep our eyes fixed on wonderful Jesus – today – and every day of the coming year.

Prayer: I love you Lord. Oh help me to love you more.