Psalm 119:41-48: True freedom ( please click here for today’s Bible passage)
‘’Testimony requires the context of an obedient life (44), a life which demonstrates the true freedom which obedience brings (45)’’ J.A. Motyer, ‘The New Bible Commentary’, p.568.
True freedom is not the licence to do anything you want; it is the liberty to become the person God made you to be. It is not about doing what you want to do, but living the way God calls you to (45). People who are committed to knowing and doing the will of God find they have the ‘’freedom’’ to become everything they were meant to be.
The believer is the freest person in the universe. He or she is:
• Free to trust in God’s promises (41b/42b): Sometimes it is hard to live by faith; in fact, it regularly is. But Christians are set free to do this. They carry with them the chequebook of the bank of heaven, and they use it. These cheques do not ‘bounce’!
• Free to answer persecutors (42): They know what to say, when to say it, and they have the courage to do so. There is a time to be silent, but there is very definitely a time to speak (Ecclesiastes 3:7b)
• Free to witness to all kinds of people without embarrassment (46) – even to those in authority: ‘’Then I’ll tell the world what I find, speak out boldly in public, unembarrassed.’’ The Message. (See also Matthew 10:16-26/32,33; Luke 24:12-19).
• Free to love God’s Word (47, 48): ‘’I cherish your commandments – oh, how I love them! – relishing every fragment of your counsel.’’ The Message. Can you say that you love your Bible? Is it your most treasured possession?’’…the mouth that speaks the word (42, 43) and the life that exemplifies it (44-46) must arise from a heart that loves it.’’J.A. Motyer: ‘The New Bible Commentary, p.568.
Here are just one or two aspects of a Christian’s freedom. It is not as the world knows it. In popular understanding, freedom is being able to do just what you want with your life. In truth that is permission to drive your life recklessly down the highway of life at 180 miles per hour and experience the consequences. They will not be pretty, for you or for others!
Prayer: Thank you Lord for the freedom we find in you.