Jeremiah 9:10-12: Are you ready?
Fulfilled prophecy is one of the reasons why I believe the Bible to be God’s Book (the technical term is ‘inspired’) and no ordinary book. A large percentage of the Bible is prophecy, in which future events are forecast in detail. The bulk of these prophecies have already come true to the letter. This should give us total confidence that the remainder of these, pertaining to the end of history as we know it: the second coming of Christ, will come to pass.
Take, for example, this prophecy of Jeremiah. Many people in his day thought he was talking through his hat! They could not envisage such a disaster. But what he predicted happened. Disaster befell the people of Judah because of their rebellion against God. It broke Jeremiah’s heart. He saw it all in vivid detail before it happened, and wept over it. But very few people got onto the same page as him.
So we may think that the contents of the book of ‘Revelation,’ for example, are far-fetched. We can dismiss these visions as eccentric and whacky and odd. But if you realistically assess what has already happened in terms of accurate Biblical prophecy, would you bet against the last book in the Bible coming true?
Many are asking, ‘What is the world coming to?’ The real question is, ‘Who is coming to this world?’ The answer is Jesus. Are you ready to meet Him? Or are you with all the mockers who dismissed Jeremiah? What happened to them?
Prayer: ‘’Into my heart, into my heart, come into my heart Lord Jesus. Come in today; come in to stay; come into my heart Lord Jesus.