Colossians 3:18 -4:1: Heaven in the home.(click here for passage)
It’s been said that ‘’Christianity is as practical as a pair of shoes; not just for putting on and showing, but for getting up and going!’’ It is so practical that it will affect your home and work life for good if you will allow it to.
Someone said that the secret of a happy marriage lies not in finding the right person, but in being the right person. There is profound truth in these words. Today’s passage says, in effect, that if we bring increasing Christ-likeness into our relationships at home and in the work place we will please God and follow His pattern. Verse 17 established an important principle and here are some concrete examples of how it works out. Doing everything ‘’in the name of the Lord Jesus’’ entails doing it all for Him, and through Him, in obedience to Him and like Him.
Notice especially these words:
‘’…as is fitting in the Lord.’’ (18);
‘’…for this pleases the Lord.’’ (20);
‘’…with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.’’ (22);
‘’…as working for the Lord, not for men…’’ (23);
‘’It is the Lord Christ you are serving.’’ (24);
‘’…you also have a Master in heaven.’’ (4:1).
We need to realise that marriage, home life and work life are essentially about Jesus. They are meant to be Christ-centred. He is to be Lord of who we are and what we do in these settings. They are arenas in which we are called to glorify Him. The more like Him we become, the more we will ‘oil the wheels’ in these relationships.
Throughout the passage Paul emphasises the responsibilities of each party: wives, husbands, children, Fathers, slaves and Masters. Now I have to fulfil my responsibility regardless of what you do (or don’t do) about yours. But obviously, everything works best when people reciprocate and pull their weight. Let’s do worship at home and at work. Worship is not to be confined, in thinking and practice, to church services. In real worship we offer everything we do to God, and if we can’t present it to Him we don’t do it. At least, that’s how it should be!
So when someone trusts Jesus to be their Saviour and Lord, He comes into their life and transforms everything, if allowed to. The cross comes into their relationships. (See the ‘sister’ passage in Ephesians 5:22 – 6:9; especially 5:25ff. It was written around the same time.) They seek to serve and to give rather than to be served and receive. ‘’For best results, follow the Maker’s Instructions!’’ When we do follow them we realise how wise they are.
Prayer: In every relationship of my life, make me the person you want me to be. I want to be more like you Lord Jesus.