Jeremiah 6:21-30

‘’I have made you a tester of metals…’’ (27)

God’s Word will test us. It will provoke a response, and this will reveal what is in our hearts.

  • It will test our love for God;
  • It will test our willingness to submit to His will;
  • It will test our preparedness to change;
  • It will test our faith etc.

In whatever form we encounter God’s Word; whether it is through a preacher (such as Jeremiah), or reading it for ourselves, it will test us and bring hidden things to light. It will expose our true character.

The people of Judah, in Jeremiah’s day, were terrified of the Babylonians. They did not want them to invade their land and decimate their territory. But there was something else that they wanted even less, and this was to repent. They didn’t want to face judgment (not that most of them believed the message of coming devastation). But much more than that, they didn’t want to change their ways. Their preference was to keep their sin.

‘’They are all hardened rebels, going about to slander. They are bronze and iron…’’ (28). Bronze and iron are inferior metals when compared with ‘’silver’’ (30) and gold.

Some people will not respond positively to God’s Word; they will not change; they will not turn. They set their faces against the truth. They resist the gospel. They will not come to Jesus to be saved. They will come under God’s judgment.

One final thought: the fact that God takes us through a refining process does not necessarily mean that we will be refined (29, 30). It’s not what happens to us, but how we respond that counts.

Prayer: Lord God,as your Word tries me, may I not be found wanting.