Psalm 114 (click here to view todays passage)

‘’Judah became God’s sanctuary, Israel his dominion.’’ (2).

The Christian is ‘’God’s sanctuary’’. So is the local church (1 Corinthians 3:16, 17; 6:19, 20). God does not live in a building. He dwells in people.

But a believer is also God’s ‘’dominion’’. He not only lives in us, but He rules over us – if we allow Him to. In 1 Cor.6, where Paul writes about the Christian’s body being ‘’a temple of the Holy Spirit’’ , he also talks about the moral implications of our belonging to God. The Christian life is not just about Christ in you, but Christ over you.

Now if God lives in you and reigns over you, he will work miracles for you on this pilgrimage, as you travel to His appointed destination. In some ways, we can anticipate that the experience of Judah and Israel in the past will be ours today. We serve the same God who indwells us and is King over us. What caused the mighty miracles in nature as the Israelites journeyed from Egypt to Canaan? The answer is a ‘Who’ (7). It was the presence of the ruling and reigning God in His people that caused these wonders (see Exodus 14:21; Josh.3:15-17; Exodus 19:18; 17:16 and Numbers 20:11).

‘’Judah became…’’ Have you come to the point where you have asked God to fill you? Have you invited Jesus to establish His government over your life? Has He yet ‘become’ your Lord? Have you ‘become’ a Christian? It doesn’t happen by default because of where you were born, or the faith of your parents etc.

‘’God brings us out (v.1), takes us through (v.3), and leads us over (v.4). When you are following Him, no obstacle can keep you from the goal He has set for you, except your sin and unbelief. When you are in the will of God, all of creation works for you to accomplish God’s purposes. You are God’s sanctuary (1 Cor.6:19-20); let Him have dominion in your life (v.2).’’ Warren W. Wiersbe: ‘With the Word’, p.383.

As you go into the world today remember that God lives in you. Look to Him to reign over your every movement. You may be aware of ‘mountains’, ‘seas’ and ‘rivers’ blocking your path as you endeavour to move forward in His purposes. Remember that His presence can deal with every obstacle.

Prayer: Lord, grant that your presence in me will be obvious. Flow out through me into this dry, barren wilderness of a world.