Isaiah 14:28-32

Trust in God, not man. Get your eyes on the Lord, and fix them on Him. He is all you need. He won’t fail you.

The Philistines were ancient enemies of the Israelites. They lived along the Mediterranean coast west of Israel, and regularly gave God’s people the ‘run around’ through the years. Isaiah prophesies that they will revolt against Assyria: the ‘‘rod that struck” them (29). However, he says that new Assyrian rulers will spring up who are worse than the former ones (29). So they should not ”rejoice” over short-lived victories. In fact, the Philistines are doomed. ”The LORD will be a shepherd to the poor of his people and will let them live in safety.” (30a Good News Bible.) But the Philistines will be destroyed by the Assyrians (30). The Assyrian army will appear as a ‘’cloud of smoke’’ coming ‘’from the north’’ (31). (Some scholars believe (29) refers to the king of Judah and not that of Assyria; either to Ahaz, who had just died, or Uzziah, his father. But the ”cloud of smoke” coming from the ”north” (31) indicates that it was the Assyrians who would finally destroy the Philistines . Whichever way you interpret it, the basic sense of the prophecy remains the same.)

Isaiah foresaw that the Philistines would send ”envoys” to Jerusalem, seeking to make an alliance with the Jews against a common enemy (32). But God’s people would stand firm with their trust in Him.

”It was as sharp a test of obedience for Hezekiah as was that of ch.7 for Ahaz; and the Philistines were formidable people to offend (cf. 2 Ch.28: 18 – 19) at this time. God’s reply is threefold. First, there is worse yet to come from Assyria (29); secondly, Philistia is a doomed people (30b – 31); thirdly, true welfare is only in the Lord (30a, 32). It is the constant message of Isaiah: trust, not intrigue.” Derek Kidner: The New Bible Commentary, p.643.

”What does one say to outsiders who ask questions? Tell them, ”GOD has established Zion. Those in need and trouble find refuge in her.” ” The Message. What a portrait of what the church is meant to be in this world. Established by God she is a place of refuge for people in need. Those who heed the church’s message and put their trust in God find that He will never let them down.

Surrounded by danger, enemies and seemingly insurmountable problems, choose to trust in the Lord. He is fully worthy of your confidence.

Prayer: Lord God, you know what is on my mind today. You know how it weighs upon me. I place it into your Hands. I acknowledge it was in your Hands already, but I need to consciously release it to you. It is too big for me to handle. Thank you for daily carrying my burdens. You are good all the time.