Psalm 105:37-45

As we conclude our look at this psalm, the overwhelming thought we are left with concerns God’s lavish provision for His covenant people. It will encourage us today to think that this God is our God.                                               See:

  • His material provision (37a; see Ex.12:35, 36). It wasn’t just the gift of wealth, but an abundance of it: ”laden”, and that means a lot!! This material enlargement also included territorial conquest (44). The land of Canaan was inhabited by many godless peoples (Gn.15:19-21) ”He made them a gift of the country they entered, helped them seize the wealth of the nations.” The Message.
  • His provision of strength for the journey: ”…and from among their tribes no-one faltered.” (37b).
  • His provision of protection (38): He caused the mighty Egyptians to fear them and want them to leave their country. This was the Lord’s doing and it remains ‘marvellous’ in our eyes. ”Egypt was glad to have them go-they were scared to death of them.” The Message. Their leaving meant an end to the devastating plagues (38).
  • His provision of guidance (along with protection). This is covered in (39).
  • His provision of life’s necessities (40, 41). He gave them each day their daily bread, and water. They looked to Him in prayer, and He did not fail them.
  • His provision of great joy (43). ”He led his people out singing for joy; his chosen people marched, singing their hearts out!” The Message.

In all that the Lord did for them He was ‘remembering’ His promise to Abraham made centuries earlier (42).

It was also to the end that they might live as God’s Holy people (45): He did all this ”So they could do everything he told them – could follow his instructions to the letter.” The Message. The Lord did not give them all this blessing so they could live any old way they chose. They were expected to live to the praise of God’s glory, so that through them God’s light would shine on all nations to their blessing. They were not blessed to hoard the blessing, but to share it. The Psalm begins with the people looking to the Lord in trust (4), and concludes with them obeying. ‘Trust and obey’ is the essence of our walk with God too. Without the obedience, praise is just religious noise (Amos 5:23, 24).

Prayer: Lord, you have loaded us with blessings. Help us to not abuse them but use them for your glory.