Psalm 104:10-18

 God is good!

This psalm has much to say about the doctrines of creation and providence. There is no ‘deism’ in the Bible: the belief that God wound up the universe like a clock and then left it to run by itself. He is no ‘absentee Landlord’. The God who made the universe, fills it with His presence, and upholds it by His power. This next section of the psalm deals with God’s providential ordering of His world. See:

  • The abundance of God’s provision for the planet He made, perhaps best summed up in the words of (13b): the earth is satisfied by the fruit of his work. Consider this too: Oh yes, God brings grain from the land, wine to make people happy, Their faces glowing with health, a people well-fed and hearty. The Message. Throughout these verses you have a sense of God’s generous giving, and the deep satisfaction of every living thing as we benefit from His kindness. Everything in creation is God’s gift to us to enjoy (1 Tim.6:17)
  •  God’s love for all His creatures (11, 12, 17, 18). You will note the detailing of specific birds and animals in these verses.
  •  Man’s partnership with God in the production of food and drink (14, 15). The principle that we are God’s co-workers applies both to creation and the new creation. Man was given dominion over the earth, not to rape its resources, but to reap them for the common good. God’s provision does not facilitate man’s laziness. If we want to have a harvest we must play our part and work hard.

 Christians should love nature, seeing God everywhere in it. We can only benefit by studying it, for in it we will see the works of the Lord. This is our Father’s world. Let’s not vandalise His property; the home He has graciously provided for us and furnished with such good things.

 O Nature, how can we do other than love thee, since the Being of our God is so closely mingled with thy hues and forms! F.B.Meyer: Great verses through the Bible, p.232.

 Prayer: Thank you Lord that you daily load us with your benefits.