2 Chronicles 29: 4/5

Often times, in order to solve a problem, you just need to ‘bring in’ the right people (4). Get the key people assembled in the right place; gather them in the same room around the same table, and let them prayerfully tackle the issue. If they come together in an attitude of earnestly seeking God for His answer, whilst applying their minds to the subject, who knows what might happen? God has put such talent in the church, and I guess we’re not drawing on even half of it.

Hezekiah’s first appeal to these leaders was: Consecrate yourselves now… (5). Giving yourself fully to the Lord of the church comes before working for Him in it. (As someone said, ‘God must first do a work in us before He does a work through us.) Also, such dedication should not be delayed. If it’s the right thing to do, why procrastinate?  Do it now.

Hezekiah says: Listen to me Levites! An individual’s full surrender to God has time and again come in the wake of listening to a God inspired messenger/message. In the year ahead, let’s commit to pray more fervently than ever for the preachers and preaching in our churches that it will lead to many lives being fully yielded to God.

Such personal consecration to God will be impossible without genuine repentance. This morning the bin men came and took away a pile of rubbish we had been accumulating. We didn’t want it in the house. We put it out and, thankfully, they took it! There is a spiritual equivalent to this. We need to identify the refuse and get it out and into the bin as soon as possible. …give this much- defiled place a good housecleaning. The Message. Housecleaning, of course, is never done. We are always accumulating dirt and dust and other things we don’t want. So a life of total commitment to God will be one of constant hoovering, dusting, polishing and chucking out. On the eve of a new year, will you commit yourself to such a life?  Hezekiah’s formula for revival was simple: sanctification, sacrifice, and song. He started with the priests and Levites, for if God’s servants are not clean, God cannot bless their work. Then the priests sanctified the temple, offered the sacrifices, and sang the song of the Lord. Warren W. Wiersbe: With the Word, p.249.

Those who have consecrated themselves to the Lord will exhibit this in a commitment to holiness. But it will also be seen in a diligent approach to ministry, whatever the particular ministry may be; public or private, visible or hidden, I will want to give it my best. My sons, do not be negligent now… (11). It is instructive to read this verse in The Message: Children, don’t drag your feet in this! GOD has chosen you to take your place before him to serve in conducting and leading worship –this is your life work; make sure you do it and do it well. There’s a story told about a young man training in a Bible College. One day he preached at sermon class, and the principal wasn’t very happy with his effort. He called the despondent student into his office for a ‘chat’. ‘But it’ll do sir, won’t it?’ protested the lad. ‘It’ll do.’ ‘The problem is,’ replied the principal, ‘What will it do?!!’

God deserves our very best. There is no better time to remember this than at the borders of a brand new year.

Prayer: Lord God, please strengthen me to give myself fully to you that I may be enabled to work effectively for you.