29th November 2013 – May I be clothed with your Spirit Lord, and may I also be your Spirit’s clothing.

28th November 2013 –  Lord I want to live generously. Help me to rise above anything that is mean-spirited and contrary to your giving nature.

27th November 2013 – Thank you Lord for all the younger people you have entrusted to our care. Help us to invest in the next generation to the glory of your Name

26th November 2013 –  Lord enable us to see all of life from your perspective.

25th November 2013 –  Lord, your knowledge is perfect. You know me through and through. Thank you that knowing me as you do you still love me. It is amazing to me.

22nd November 2013 –  Lord, I am so blessed. You have entrusted me with much. Therefore I realise that I carry a great responsibility. Help me to trust and obey you in the use of your goods.

21st November 2013 –  Thank you Lord Jesus for drawing death’s sting for us by being ‘stung’  for us.

20th November 2013 –  Jesus be the centre.

19th November 2013 –  We pray this day for all in authority in our world. Cause them, Lord, to lead with faith, integrity, justice and righteousness, and with a proper sense of accountability to you. May those who do not know you come to find in Jesus all that He died to give them

18th November 2013 – Lord please give us the wisdom to know when and where to make a stand, and the courage to do so.

15th November 2013 –  Thank you Lord for the security of my position in Christ. Help me to see clearly that nothing can touch me without your permission. Thank you for the awesome reality of your protection.

14th November 2013 –  Help us Lord to be good examples to all who get close to us.

13th November 2013 – Impress it on my mind and heart Lord that sin comes with a huge price tag.

12th November 2013 –  Lord help us to never lose sight of who our real enemy is and where he lurks. Keep us from petty fights and quarrels with brothers; those little skirmishes that damage people and sully your Name. Lord forgive and help us to make every effort to keep the unity we’ve been given. Have mercy on us for making such a mess of things.

11th November 2013 –  Lord Jesus, you are the Author and the Finisher of my faith, so help me to fix my eyes on you. You are seated at the right Hand of the Father. Please enable me to set my heart and mind on things above where you are.

8th November 2013 –  Lord Jesus, I know it is not yet fully clear what I shall be, but I do know that when Jesus appears I shall be like Him, for I will see Him as He is. Thank you for this glorious hope. Let it shape my every moment now.

7th November 2013 – Lord, I recognise today that the best of people will be full of imperfections. However, by your unfailing grace please enable me to grow in holiness and become more and more like my Lord Jesus

6th November 2013 –  Lord I choose to praise you in my midnight hour, and I thank you that you cause chains to break and fall to the ground. I choose to praise you this day for you are worthy.

5th November 2013 –  Help me Lord to always take the time to seek your face. When I have no plan, you know the plans you have for me; just the plans I need. When I am weak and overwhelmed, there is no shortage of strength in you. How I thank you for your immeasurable greatness.

4th November 2013 –  Lord you know the things that rise above me like gigantic waves, threatening to drown me and sweep me away. But I too look to you and for your mighty help.

1st November 2013  –  Lord I ask you to bless all leaders in your church. Help them to always so revere you that they serve you and their people well.