30th August 2013 –  May the wonder of the communion service and all it represents become more and more vivid to me. Help me always to participate in a way that honours Jesus and His great sacrifice, and celebrates and promotes loving unity in His body, the church.

29th August 2013 –  Thank you for the communion service Lord. You know the frailty of our memories. Thank you for giving us this lovely way to keep fresh in our minds and hearts what you have done for us.

28th August 2013 – Lord Jesus, help me to so live in closeness to you that my whole life is a pouring out of what you are pouring in. Make me your channel Lord. Flow through me in all your fullness.

27th August 2013 – Lord Jesus, I ask that where there is the tiniest fracture; the smallest dislocation between people in your church, that you will bring healing, reconciliation and peace. Help me to play my full part in keeping things sweet with others. I let go of my grudges and bitterness and receive your cleansing and empowering.

26th August 2013 – Thank you Lord that when you made man you made us male and female. Thank you so much for the complementarity of the sexes. Thank you for the truth that we are ‘all one in Christ Jesus’, and for all that we get to do together as we live under your authority and within your revealed order.

23rd August 2013 – Lord, please have every page of my life, and make me your living message. Grant that those who ‘read’ me will be moved towards you.

22nd August 2013 –  Thank you Lord that again and again you switch on the light when I am groping around in darkness. Thank you so much for the generosity with which you share your wisdom with those who earnestly and believingly seek you. You are good!

21st August 2013 –  Thank you Lord Jesus that I can talk with you about all that is on my mind. This is such a comfort. I see it all differently when I bring it into the light of your Wisdom.

 20th August 2013 –  Lord I know I can be so demanding and live at such a high speed. Help me to slow down sufficiently to keep pace with grace.

16th August 2013 – Lord, I don’t want to become a casualty in this spiritual war. Keep me, I pray, always in step with you.

15th August 2013 –  Lord, I again stand in awe of you and the practical wisdom of your Word. It is so relevant to my daily life. Help me to live it.

14th August 2013 – Lord Jesus, I am so aware of an innate selfishness. Help me to die to me every day. As you did not please yourself, but put others first, please help me to do the same.

13th August 2013 – Lord, I know there are things I should run from. Help me to always be aware of what they are, and keep me from loitering when I should be fleeing.

12th August 2013 –  Thank you Almighty God for this reminder that prayer leads to happenings. So fill me with your Spirit in my praying that through these intercessions people will be changed and brought near to you.

9th August 2013 –  Lord God, I want to pray about prayer. Please pour out the Spirit of prayer upon your church. Enable us to pray how you want us to.

8th August 2013 –  Lord you are truly good. Thank you that when I call on you in Jesus’ Name you run to my aid. What a mighty God we serve!

7th August 2013 –  Thank you for your wonderful grace and mercy in my life Lord. I don’t want to ever abuse it. Being forgiven much, let me love much, and show it in hating sin and speedily turning from it. Thank you that if I do sin, I have an advocate with the Father.

6th August 2013 – Thank you Lord for the gift of prayer. Please make me an effective pray-er in your mighty Hands

5th August 2013 –  Lord, I again find myself wanting desperately to be a praying person. But I also catch a glimpse today that being a prayerful, believing person and walking in holiness go together. It’s not that I can earn your answers, but somehow the life I lead and the prayers I pray are connected. Thank you for this precious insight.

2nd August 2013 –  Lord, help me to be content to know who I am in you, and do your will for my life whole-heartedly. There is so much I’d like to do, but enable me to be happy with doing what’s on your agenda for me.

1st August 2013Lord, as I understand your Word, you cause me to see that I am your Temple. I recognise that the church is your Temple also. Then my prayer is that you will fill your Temple with your glory and cause it to be seen. I ask this for your eternal glory.