Prayer for 29 March – Let your peace be always with me.

Prayer for 28 March – Lord, help me abide in you that I may bear fruit that will remain.

Prayer for 27 March – My Master and my God, I want to be at your feet where I can see you clearly and hear your voice distinctly and always know what you require from me.

Prayer for 26 March – Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might, let me never forget all you are and my place before you. Thank you for the mercy and forgiveness Jesus brings to those who ask for it.

Prayer for 25 March – Lord Jesus, Captain of our salvation. Thank you for equipping me to serve in your army. Grant me also the courage to get up and fight every single day.

Prayer for 22 MarchLord, you know that at times I find this walk of faith gets ‘foggy’. The mist comes down on my soul, and I can hardly see to take the next step. But thank you that I always have the clarity to at least move my feet forward a little. Keep me singing in the gloom, and communing with you, even though my vision is cloudy.

Prayer for 21  March – Lord God may we in your church experience everything you have for us and miss out on no good thing you want to give us.

Prayer for 20 March: Thank you Lord for the many people who have been the means of bringing your help to me, and who still continue to do so. May I similarly be your ‘Hand extended’ to bring kindness and goodness to all those you want me to influence and support and help. Thank you indeed dear Lord that although at times you may subtract from our lives, you also wonderfully add. I am grateful for the mathematics of heaven.

Prayer for 19 March: Thank you Lord God for the sheer privilege of being part of a team. Help me to play my part to the full, thus enabling others to do the same. As we seek to serve whole-heartedly, may we look to you above all for that fruit only you can give.

Prayer for 18 March:  Lord Jesus, I am truly grateful for all that you have given me to know of life in the Holy Spirit. Yet I know I have been placed into an endless ‘Ocean’ of unfathomable length and depth. Help me to not stay still, but swim and explore the endless wonders of this realm of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for 15 March:  I ask Lord that I will be anointed ‘with the Holy Spirit and power’ in order to be like Jesus and do the works He did.

Prayer for 14 March: Lord God, I know it is true that those who walk with the wise are more likely to become wise. Please help me to keep step with you throughout my life. Your wisdom is infinite and perfect. I ask that lots of it will ‘rub off’ on me!